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Cookie Policy:

At Social Jump, we use cookies to ensure the best possible experience on our site. Here’s a detailed overview of how we store and access cookies:

We utilize cookies that are essential for the functionality of our website, as well as cookies that help us enhance your user experience. Some of these cookies are necessary and cannot be disabled if you wish to use our services. These include cookies set by our payment processors, such as Square, PayPal, and Coinbase.

Additionally, we store a Google Analytics cookie which assists us in understanding how users interact with our site, allowing us to improve and tailor our services accordingly. Rest assured, we never sell your information to any third party or use it for unlawful or unethical purposes. We are committed to protecting your data with industry best practices.

Here is a list of other cookies we use:

  • tinymce-custom-colors-forecolor: Stores custom colors for the TinyMCE editor.
  • theme: Stores the selected theme (e.g., dark or light).
  • tinymce-custom-colors-hilitecolor: Stores custom highlight colors for the TinyMCE editor.
  • nextauth.message: Stores authentication messages and session data.
  • __belter_experiment_storage__: Stores experimental feature flags and session data.
  • __paypal_storage__: Stores PayPal session and funding information.
  • userCurrency: Stores the selected user currency.
  • _grecaptcha: Stores reCAPTCHA verification tokens.
  • ally-supports-cache: Stores user agent and accessibility support settings.

Updated: 5/23/2024